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Think Tank Radio (July 2019)
Washed Away by the Sea 67 (June 2019)
Live DJ set in Usagi Gallery, Hong Kong (January 2019)
Mix for Fort Process on NTS Radio (August 2016)
Mix for Lighthouse Arts (June 2015)
Mix for Arctic Circle Radio (September 2011)
Mix for Futuresequence (May 2011)
February Mix broadcast on Radio Free Brighton (February 2011)
Winter Mix for Fluid Radio (November 2010)
Mix for 130701 on Fluid Radio (July 2010)
Dead Pilot Records Mix on Fluid Radio (April 2010)


Musician, sound artist, organiser
Born: Oxford, UK
Current residence: Brighton / London, UK

Daniel W J Mackenzie produces works of noise, drone and conceptual composition under his given name and the more studio focused project Ekca Liena, and is an active performance collaborator in numerous groups. His artistic studies of sound through installations and academically driven experiments have developed alongside released albums of composed work. He has appeared internationally, exhibiting sculpture, multi-channel tone work and sound collage, and explores various approaches to performance. In April 2014 Daniel’s four channel piano study Kemi (For Piano Four Ways) was exhibited as a solo show in Helsinki. This work explored the potentials and limitations of the piano as a ‘response to the notion of listening’ and was presented in the quietude of the Vuorikaiku sound gallery. Daniel is increasingly influenced by the globalisation of sound and the role it plays in forging connections, sharing environments and transporting listeners. His activities and curation - which spans music, sound, sound art and film - reflect this approach. Daniel also creates visual art and design work in a variety of physical and digital mediums, and accepts audio and visual commissions.



Ekca Liena (solo alias)
Plurals (improvising group)

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Bio / CV


Bio / CV



Immateriality - conceptual sonic art exhibition - various locations, UK, 2019
False Autonomy - sound art exhibition - Galerie Spektral, Berlin, 2016
Fort Channel Relocation - sound collage / installation - Nocturne Atlantikwall, Ostend, Belgium, 2015
Nouveau Monde - live sound collage / DJ set - Centre Jean Renior, Dieppe, France, 2015
Displacement Records: Escapism - sound collage / installation - Diep~Haven arts festival, France/Sussex, 2015
Untitled - composition - Theme Presents TAOS - The Old Market, Brighton, 2015
Untitled - composition - Theme Presents TAOS - The Green Door Store, Brighton, 2014
Kemi (For Piano Four Ways) - multi-channel installation - Vuorikaiku, Helsinki, 2014
Kemi (For Piano Four Ways) - multi-channel installation - Fort Process, Newhaven,  2014
Earth Broadcast - sound / sculpture - private exhibition, Brighton, 2014
Bound - sound / sculpture - CMP Sound Art, Brighton, 2011


Sonic Rebellion Now - London, 2017
Sørforkomfort - Oslo, Norway, 2016
False Autonomy - Berlin, Germany, 2016
The Edge of Wrong Festival - Cape Town, South Africa, 2016
Aware - Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016
Nocturne Atlantikwall - Ostend, Belgium, 2015 (with Plurals)
Terry Riley's 80th birthday: In C + 3 - Brighton, 2015 (performance of original composition Coruscate to Figure, for organ and violin)
Fort Process Festival - Newhaven, 2014 (with Plurals)
Home Normal 5th Birthday - Cafe Oto, London, 2014
Recon Festival - Leeds, 2013 (with Plurals)
Supernormal Festival - Oxfordshire, 2013 (with Rebecca E Davies)
Grune Spielstadt - Bonn, Germany, 2013 (with Lorah Pierre and Ypsmael)
FSK Studios - Hamburg, Germany, 2013 (with Lorah Pierre and Ypsmael)


Fort Process - music, visual and sound art festival, Newhaven, 2018
Edge of Wrong: Ectopias
- festival (South Africa), 2018
Cinema Expanded: The Sensual Nature of Sound
- Sussex, 2017
Cinema Expanded: Touch the Sound - Sussex, 2017
Lumen Film Season - Brighton, 2016
Fort Process - music, visual and sound art festival, Newhaven, 2016
Infrasection: Dispersion - De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, 2016
Festival 23 Film Programme - Sheffield 2016
Infrasection - Lost Property event series, 2016-present
ConStates iii - charity compilation, 2016
In C Plus Three [A Concert for the 80th Birthday of Terry Riley], 2015
Splitting The Atom - experimental live events, current
ConStates ii - charity compilation, 2015
ConStates i - charity compilation, 2015
Fort Process - music, visual and sound art festival, Newhaven, 2014
Church of Chaos - experimental stage, Supernormal Festival, 2013
Sakura Nights - music and sound events, 2007 - present (on hiatus)

[Please email or explore the site for a more extensive list]


Daniel W J Mackenzie - Every Time Feels Like the Last Time (Eilean, 2017)
Daniel W J Mackenzie - Return Written Arrange (Runningonair Music, 2012)
Daniel W J Mackenzie - Teeth Sleep Under Winking Black Eyelid (Fluid Audio, 2014)
Ekca Liena - Graduals (ConSouling Sounds, 2015)
Ekca Liena - Slow Music For Rapid Eye Movement (Dead Pilot Records, 2011)
Ekca Liena - Mapping The Boundary Layer (Home Normal, 2012)
Ekca Liena - Graduals (ConSouling Sounds, 2015)
Plurals - Bugenès Melissae (Oaken Palace, 2014)
Aidan Baker With Plurals - Glass Crocodile Medicine (Southern / Latitudes, 2013)


Matthew Root and Neil P. George - After the Sewol - (doc, UK/S.Korea, 2017) - music
Kate Lloyd - Tara Calm - (short, UK, 2016) - music
Graham Holford - Our Market - (doc, UK/USA/S. Korea, 2015) - music / sound design
Lisa Jayne - Backstreet Abortionists - (dance, UK, 2014) - sound
Gianmarco del Re - Nic Webb: Artist Maker - (doc, UK/Italy, 2014) - music
Ken Eakins - Fort Process - (docu-short, UK, 2014) - title music
Kate Lloyd - Fettle - (short, UK, 2013) - music / sound design
Kate Lloyd - REP - (short, UK, 2012) - music / sound design
Sunny Singh - show reel - (UK, 2012) - music


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